All of that 71% is used to jump to the cyno. Jump freighters are slightly reduced in range, but the max range we want is achieved by the JDC change without needing further adjustments to the ships themselves. 0b How much does it cost/How long does it take to train/How much can you make? clock. Jump Freighters 4 – Technically only level 1 is required for Jump Freighters, but it increases your hull and shield/armor (depending on JF) hp by 10%, and more importantly, reduces fuel consumption by 10%. Always take any opportunity to stack multiple contracts together to make a full load. $77.67 Here you can choose a product. Buy + Add to cart; Anshar. If you have to go a few jumps through 0.5, that’s not great. The Jump Freighters skill allows a pilot to fly advanced Jump Freighters ... Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Cyno alts are a fast train, you literally only need Cynosural Field Theory 4, and then they can use corvette cynos. Generally the least likely to be ganked due to it’s high ehp. EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players. Training for a JF isn’t nearly as bad as most capitals, but it’s still long. These ships still retain the ability to use normal stargates, and can be constructed in high security space. Dograzor, a friend of mine from the days of The Black Rabbits, and now one of the diplomats for RAZOR Alliance, sent me the below EvE mail; Jump Freighters are being prevented of going through gates by focused points of Heavy Interdictor Cruisers. What modules are those? It’s important to remember that when you jump to a cyno, just like warping to an object, you land at a point off the target. What he does is he sits cynos in popular JF highsec exit systems, and then drops his super on unsuspecting JFs when they undock to warp to highsec. We do not sell their intellectual property but merely the time we spent acquiring … Slaves are cheaper, and increase armor hp, making you tankier and slightly more likely to survive a gank. Eve jump Freighter range EVE Comprehensive Jump Freighter Guide - mmoroo . The Rhea is the Caldari model of jump freighter, making it accessible to industry-oriented players that have previously flown the popular Charon freighter vessel. Park them in a station with a bunch of liquid ozone and spare cynos, and they’ll be able to cyno forever. Hosted by Freighters. The main change however, is a large portion of the cargo bay has been taken over by a capital class jump drive, the … Popular pages. This is where after you undock from a station at a midpoint or highsec exit, enemies undock a bunch of dreads behind you, immediately siege them, then as you bump outside of docking range, they blap you. These are also low training multiplier skills, so train them to 5 because they’re short. This way nobody knows your JF pilot, and if you’re in a hauling corp, you can keep your JF pilot in an NPC corp to avoid wardecs. Bulkheads – Pretty much the polar opposite of cargo expanders. Am I right in thinking that the restrictions on Jump drives in high sec refer to Cyno's. Jump freighters are the latest generation of freighter. If any supers cyno in, immediately dock up. Capital cargo ships with jump drive capabilities, bringing trade and commerce to distant stars. You want to find something that you can import and then turn around and sell it rather quickly. This means that while the ship has around one third of the cargo capacity, it is capable of jumping between systems without the use of stargates. Eve Business Insider takes an look at the class of ships called Jump Freighters and their use in the universe of New Eden. I'm going to breeze over the invention process because we have covered it in depth with other guides, but it is still the most difficult step of constructing a jump freighter, especially due to the financial risk involved. You can use a simple t1 frigate for this, or if you want to do it the best way, get a Hyena or Rapier. But before I start my character down this course, I want to know what my ultimate goal is going to be. Jump freighting you can do a quick run in ~20min, then walk away from the computer for the rest of the hour. As T2 hulls, they were only going to be available through invention and being capital ships, they were bound to be expensive. Jump Freighters are T2 freighters. JF Rates are usually calculated in isk/m3 plus a percentage of collateral. Make sure you pick a system with multiple stations if you can, but more important than anything is that you connect to as high security highsec as you can. Between the cost of skillbooks, the JF hull, fits, and fuel, you should expect to spend 9-10bil. The only additional thing, is make sure you pick stations with generous docking ranges, if you pick near-kickout stations, this kind of gank is that much easier to pull off. Add new page. Everything you ever wanted to know about Jump Freighters And probably more than you wanted to know. Jump Drive Calibration 5 – Technically only level 1 is required, but this increases your jump range by 2LY per level, so this should absolutely be the first skill you get to 5. Nomads aren’t bad, but for freighters/JFs the align is less important than the warp speed, making ascendancies much faster. Implants are also great, and with the expense of all the rest of the stuff in this guide, well worth it. Contracts with collateral significantly under the value of the goods, or missing altogether isn’t really a problem for you, but it’s a significant risk for the contractor, and if you charge a percentage on collateral, they’re paying you less than they should. CCP deciding by themselves how to steer Eve has been sub-optimal at best, and on alarming occasions, disatrous. Jump Drive Economizers come in three types, ranging from 20mil to 300mil apeice. This is a horrible mistake. Plus if you’re doing a JF trip, then you aren’t going to be hauling more than the JF can hold anyways. A standard jump drive is a part build into the hull of a capital ship. Are you dreaming about becoming a Jump Freighter pilot? Once you accept a contract (or contracts), right click the package(s) and Create a contract on them. Require Capital Ships skill. Once you set up the first contract, click the 4 lines at the bottom left of the contract window, and choose Copy Contract. Minmatar Jump Freighter. Eventually 5, but after racial freighter 5 and jump freighters 5. This makes it so that no matter what the value you’re hauling, you can still make enough to cover fuel and earn a base fee. Contracts to kickout stations are dangerous as well. It’s also not as consistently active as things like ratting or mining, where you pretty much want to be at the computer paying attention to it (even on a low level) most of the time. Unfortunately Jump freighters are too expensive, slow, fragile and problematic to use in hostile situations so the carrier is still the primary means of deep space logistical operations. Купить корабль очень просто, достаточно прибыть на станцию Jita 4-4 и получить через трейд или контракт (уточните в коментарии способ доставки). It wasn't long after the Thukkers began deploying their jump capable freighters that other corporations saw the inherent tactical value of such ships. They are faster and more agile, with a larger capacitor. Amarr. If you can jump straight from lowsec into 0.7+, that’s great. You can change the quantity of items and the payment method in your cart before paying. You should fit these whenever you’re warping gate-to-gate and carrying cargo that you can fit within the smaller cargo space, the more tanky you are the more difficult it will be to gank you. You can expect to spend at least 4-6 months, depending on how far you take the training and implants/attribute remaps. EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players. First of all, spam dock until you’re sure you’re out of docking range. However, don’t fit these unless you need them for what you’re hauling, and only fit as many as you need. Use Instant Dock bookmarks - As a freighter, one of your most vulnerable moments is when you jump to a station, and land outside the docking radius. This gives you handy pictures for good cyno spots on any NPC station in high/low/null. 9d Problem contracts (not necessarily scams but maybe). Usually this means a contract that’s going to a player-owned station, though citadels are also used for this. It also has the slowest align time/speed, and the second lowest EHP. OK for this you need an alt or a friend with a web. There’s a very small number of reasons someone might do this, and most of them include poses, but if you aren’t absolutely sure you know what you’re doing, you should think twice. When you jump with a jump drive (or titan bridge, or jump bridge), you get two timers. Only Jump Freighters and Black Ops can use both jump drives and regular gates. This depends on what exactly you’re seeding or your courier rates, but in general market seeding generally makes a higher percentage based on investment. With a JF, you should be lighting your e-cyno and jumping out at the first sign of trouble. I like the high tank with Adaptive Nano Platings for the highsec leg of my trips, and I also just think it looks the coolest, especially with the Cold Iron skin. The lower the security in highsec, the longer the concord response time, which means the fewer ships enemies need to kill you. Blue Water Convention Center. Without expanders, JFs are ~165k m3, with expanders they’re ~350k m3. It’s just great for speeding up trips. It also has a bumpable station model, which if you land inside, you’ll be thrown out to space and probably die in a fire. Don’t leave any empty space if you can avoid it, the more you haul the more you make. Don’t end up losing it because you couldn’t be bothered to get an e-cyno in position. In this case it’s the value you’d buy it for (even if this is the sell value) in the station you’re buying it, and the sell value you can get in the destination system. If they point you, then spam jump and hope that they let their point drop for a second and you can get out. 8d Taking a JF to anywhere that’s not a station/citadel. There’s 2 options when you bump. All you have to do for a chance to win is login! If they drop point on you even for a second, you cyno out and are safe. It’s important to remember that webs won’t provide any additional security, only speed. This is something CCP talked about adding, but they never actually did. Whenever you’re warping your JF, you should have a minimum of 1 cyno character undocked with either a cyno already lit, or a cyno able to be lit at a moment’s notice. All of these things are visible from Dotlan, so that’s what you should be using primarily. Jump Freighters. Courier contracts are going to make a smaller percentage, however you don’t have to wait for things to sell on the market, so the turnaround time is way faster. There’s a few things you’re looking for that makes a good product for seeding. Doing a run from Jita to GME and jumping on cooldown incurs about 1hour of fatigue. A red/orange Cooldown timer, which prevents you from jumping again until it’s gone, and a blue Fatigue timer, which magnifies the cooldown timer on your next jump. Emergency Cynos (E-Cynos) are what saves your ass when someone tries to gank you. Jump Freighters. The Upwell Consortium has introduced a number of structures for Capsuleers, often referred to as "Citadels".While all Upwell structures ultimately handle identically when it comes to set up, management and vulnerability, the differrent structure types focus on specific tasks by providing bonuses to aid their effectiveness.. Can Jump Freighters go in high secs? Aim for 3-5bil to start. Neither are good options, both leave you exposed far longer than you want to be. Jump freighters are a bit better, but the agility bonus from Evasive Maneuvering is hugely helpful to shorten your align times, and it’s a 2x skill, so get it to 5 because it’s short. Give it a try. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf. Since contracts are a pain to put up and update, the competition is a lot slower, and usually once people put up a contract at a certain price, they’ll leave it there. You can use sites like Eve-Central or Eve-MarketData for initial research to find profitable trades. Avoid any contracts to kickout stations if possible. Jumping also incurs jump fatigue, which you’re likely already familiar with from bridging titans or jump bridges. Doing this reduces the maximum speed of the ship, allowing it to enter warp more quickly. The procedure is to duel your webbing alt from your freighter pilot (who should have auto-reject invitations on), then get your webbing ship within range, ideally before decloaking the freighter. This is something that I see talked about regularly on /r/eve and other forums. has granted permission to to use EVE Online and all The obvious goal is to buy low and sell high. Though being hunted in a JF is rare since they’re so safe, so that part isn’t as big of a deal. Nomads are still great if you often use a BR/DST however, since both of those benefit from nomads more. Citadels in general are fantastic to cyno onto, since your cyno is tethered until you light, you can tether your JF, and the docking radius is super large, and clearly marked. Make sure to make an insta-dock bookmark in any stations you’re warping to to dock. Also, it is jump freighters who relied on cynos for space trucking, so the new cyno type is for them, but it can only be fit by industrials, blockade runners, and deep space transports (not frigates). Are you dreaming about becoming a Jump Freighter pilot? Mechanics/Hull Upgrades/Shield Management 5 – These all increase the related hp bar by 5% per level. So how do you not die? Finally, jump freighters are big shiny gank targets in high-sec. I can’t overstate how important this is. Minmatar. If all you use it for is hauling your own pvp stuff up to 7RM, you’ll lose money to fuel costs. It’s a bad idea. the EVE logo, EVE and all associated logos and designs are the intellectual property of CCP hf. You can actually calculate how much fuel you’ll save with these and decide if it’s worth it to you to invest in the super blingy ones. Independently of that, most Standup Modules and Modifications … Don’t bother with faction inertial stabs, inertial stabs don’t get used nearly as often as the rest, and the increase from faction isn’t really that important for JFs. We would like to remain anonymous because if people would find out our Corp Names and Locations they would do their very best to stop our mining/production. They are based upon their tech one counterparts but with significant enhancements. Set this up as a private courier to your JF pilot, going to the same destination. The main change however, is a large portion of the cargo bay has been taken over by a capital class jump drive, the same type used in carriers, dreadnoughts, motherships and titans. Most of the JFs that die in highsec die because they either didn’t have an e-cyno, or weren’t in an npc corp and died to wardeccers. Repeat for every midpoint. This is particularly problematic when it comes to webbing off of a station undock for example, where rather than decloaking at 0.0m/s you’re decelerating and aligning to a gate, which can cause problems with webbing. Dograzor, a friend of mine from the days of The Black Rabbits, and now one of the diplomats for RAZOR Alliance, sent me the below The ark’s only unique quality is that since it has such a particularly large amount of armor HP, it can actually have the same/better HP with adaptive plates and Slave implants than it can with Bulkheads, making it safer to haul larger volumes of cargo back into highsec. All capital ships, Jump Freighters, and Black Ops Battleships have built-in jump drives. Deadspace A-Type Adaptive Nano Platings are great as well, not too expensive, and strictly better than t2. Nomad (Minmatar Republic Jump Freighter) fitting, attributes and screenshots at EVE Online Ships Nomad (Minmatar Republic Jump Freighter) Last update: 08/2020 . Some people get a JF without any cyno alts. Increases the resistance bonus of adaptive platings, which are one of the fits it’s useful to have, particularly for the Ark. The Dotlan Jump Planner is the standard tool for planning a jump freighter route. Easy peasy, you’ll never die to this as long as you don’t panic. This character can just sit in Jita and hold a pool of isk to cover collateral. It also has the second biggest cargo hold, second most fuel consumption, and second slowest align time/speed. I heard if you get bumped as long as you stay in warp you’ll automatically warp out after 3 minutes? Like crazy slow. Take a look at the attributes, the more expensive ones give a greater reduction to fuel usage. The more the better. First is to find a warpable object roughly in-line with the direction you’re bumping and try to warp off to that at range, and the second is to try to burn back to docking range if you didn’t get thrown far. They are faster and more agile, with a larger capacitor. The initial idea was to make them like the n Now, I'm a proponent of ganking and other criminal activity in EVE, but I will still let you know how risky it is to do this without proper strategies. Thunderchild, Stormbringer and Skybreaker. They haul less than a freighter (~1mil m3 max for freighters, ~350k m3 max for jump freighters), but they trade this reduced cargo capacity for … Now start the warp sequence with the freighter. Most potent on the Ark, but still useful for other JFs, because they increase your tank without decreasing your cargo or align time. This is a very common question, and one that doesn’t have a definitive answer. You want pretty much all of the same things as above, except it needs to connect to highsec, which means low-traffic is probably unlikely. With a freighter, once you get bumped you’re effectively dead. They shrink your cargo, and significantly increase your structure HP. This is Tiky Mikk. 2. They are based upon their tech one counterparts but with significant enhancements. ORE Bulkheads are good, less cargo reduction, more structure hp. What modules are those? They are faster and more agile, with a larger capacitor. Often you’ll find items that have great margins, but only a few units move every day, or even less. It’s probably not often that the same player has not one but two of zKillboard’s six most valuable kills for a given week – solo.. Jump drive. Jump Freighters are T2 freighters. Evasive Maneuvering 5 – If you haven’t flown a freighter before, they are SLOOOOW. eVe info . 2. Most visited articles Skills. The first is a Station Cyno Placement Guide. pin. I really enjoy hauling. Highsec ganks work pretty much like freighter ganks. DO NOT WARP WITHOUT AN E-CYNO, EVER. Support it by donating or buying GTC from: API J: 21 Dec 22:13: K: 21 Dec 22:10: C: 21 Dec 23:01: A: 21 Dec 23:01: O: 04 Jun 11:15 Stairway to Heaven – an EVE Economy Saga; 24.12.2013 The Konrakas Chronicle; Ships. The black ops ships have a covert jump drive which is a little different than the ones in the capital ships. Assembled containers are a big annoyance. It can just be one of your existing cynos that is in range of wherever you’re warping in highsec. The Jump Freighters skill allows a pilot to fly advanced Jump Freighters. You can also do this from the assets tab, so the alt doesn’t need to be in the same station as the contracts they’re accepting. The downside is you take that hassle on yourself, and it takes a lot longer to fit up dozens of ships and put them on contracts than it does to put the ship/fits on market. Jump Freighters. Initiate warp on the freighter, lock up the freighter on the webber, apply webs, and bam, the freighter kicks into warp. 5 If you want to be a perfectionist, but 4 is fine. Caldari. This can really be a pain if your contracting alt can’t fly travelceptors and the destination is deep in nullsec. Jump Freighter base jump range remains at 5LY, for a new maximum range of 10LY with skills. Anshar – The anshar has the highest EHP of the JFs. NO EXCEPTIONS.,,,, Aion Cleric guide to Infinity Shard/ Katamalize/ Hyperion, EVE Guide for Newbies Everything You Need To Know, Perfect Station Cynos: A guide to using “bookmarks in space” for 100% perfect cyno positioning on stations. This doesnt disrupt the system as it is set for combat ships, so that crowd should be happy. Then the percentage of collateral rewards you for the additional risk of carrying higher value goods. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website. We would like to remain anonymous because if people would find out our Corp Names and Locations they would do their very best to stop our mining/production. You should equip these whenever you are jumping and your cargo fits within the smaller cargo space, because then you consume less fuel, and thus make more money. Use these when warping gate-to-gate empty, as they’ll increase speed, and people are less likely to bother trying to gank you when you’re empty. Once you get to your highsec exit, Undock, align to gate, warp to gate, gate to trade hub, dock up. Contents[show] Overview Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar. Please note that all JF Pilots are expected to have their own jump freighter, at least one cyno and at least 1 billion ISK in collateral. Hi everyone, Im sorry if this is in the wrong thread topic area, first time ive posted on the forum, But I have a question, since I want to by a Freighter soon, I was wondering if I should get a Jump Freighter (Ark) or just the Regular Freighter (Providence) Heres some Questions, 1. Personally I fly an Ark. It would take a ton of explanation to cover how to do it properly, and fortunately other people have already beat me to it, so there are two links at the bottom of this section. Page generated in 0.001 seconds. Kickout stations are dangerous for anyone, doubly so for JFs. How much you can make depends a lot on how you use it, but market seeding and courier contracts can make quite substantial money. With your slow speed, it can take several minutes for you to reach the docking range at sub-warp velocities, at which time you are extremely vulnerable to attack. Options View as: ... All characters, items, pictures and ISK in Eve Online are the sole property of CCP Games, CCP hf., and/or White Wolf. Contents[show] Overview Assault Ships Battlecruisers Battleships Black Ops Capital Industrial Ships Carriers Command Ships Covert Ops Cruisers Destroyers Dreadnoughts Electronic Attack Ships Exhumers Freighters Frigates Heavy Assault Ships Heavy Interdictors Industrial Ships Interceptors Interdictors Jump Freighters Logistics Marauders Mining Barges Recon Ships Rookie Ships … This requires fuel, and has a limit measured in light years. D&D Beyond All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf. Jump drives allow for rapid movement and deployment of both subcapital and supercapital ships, and are commonly used for defensive, offensive, and industrial purposes. Jump Freighters; Jump Freighters. While Jump Fatigue will not prevent another jump, it will remain active much longer than the jump activation cooldown and will build up exponentially with each further jump, thus further increasing the length of subsequent jump activations cooldowns. You can’t complete the contract, so you’re forced to fail it, and it turns out that the collateral was massively over-inflated so you lose a ton of money. I wouldn’t even start flying a JF until it’s at least 4, and it should be 5 as soon as possible. His gank relies on two things. It makes up for this by having the lowest fuel consumption, and thus is the cheapest to run. Amarr jump freighter designs. Nomad. Includes pictures and test results and even footnotes~~~. CCP hf. Most people are probably familiar with Jump Fatigue by now, but I’ll go over the basics. Then make sure you chastise yourself for not making a proper cyno, now you know why you take the time to make a proper cyno. this will allow those who can afford the jump freighters and use them to use them as best they can. The basic concept is that a station has a docking radius, outside of which you can’t dock. The counter to this is essentially the same as for Tiky Mikk, align instead of warping, and dock up if anything sketchy happens. The Rorqual has a high cargo capacity but can only hold barges and industrials (with the same restrictions mentioned above) in its ship maintenance bay. Susan Dags Minmatar Can't use stargates. There are no blueprint originals available for them, and so they must be invented. Giveways will happen on Dec. 15, 18, 21, 24, 28, ... until I run out of SKINs. Which is better money, courier contracts, or market seeding? Freighters don’t have jump drives, so they’re way more gankable in highsec than a JF. Below are the procedures for delivering contracts from the jump freight queue. also keep in mind your skills will affect how far it can fly. If you don’t have an e-cyno, you’re just a tankier slightly faster freighter, and freighters are easily gankable. That’s basically it. One trick to save some time is to use the “Copy Contract” function. Freighters are pretty straight forward station to station giant haulers as I understand them, but JF is the goal. JFs are very expensive, but the collateral you’re hauling is probably worth just as much or more. A jump freighter is a 7-8bil hull with no defenses and an incredibly slow align/warp, it’s pretty much the most expensive free kill you can put on field short of jump-instead-of-bridging a bridge-fit titan. Use some random alt for accepting contracts. This fatigue timer grows exponentially as you continue to jump, eventually making you have to take super long breaks to let it tick down, otherwise you have crazy long jump cooldowns. Hi there, With Trinity we introduced "Jump Freighters", ships designed to be the ultimate low security and 0.0 transport ships. I am getting close to getting my Fenrir(not sure if its a good choice but I want to stick to racial ships). That’ll save you a lot of copy-pasting. Every jump freighter, like every freighter, has a particular specialty. Fitting bulkheads and having slave implants can potentially make them miscalculate and not bring enough damage, but don’t count on this. EVE Online Item: [ Anshar ] CreoDron surprised many by their quick conception of the Anshar, a stark EVEInfo / Market / Ships / Capital Ships / Jump Freighters / Gallente / Anshar Toggle navigation Jump freighters are the latest generation of freighter. I don’t know a ton about market seeding, since I’ve focused mostly on courier contracts, however I can go over the basics. The key to making good money with market seeding is understanding what to import and when. Subscribe for more tutorials! If anything big undocks behind you, dock back up. Usually this is catalysts, taloses, or bombers. What we need more than anything is for those at the helm of Eve’s development to actually come to us ahead of foundations being laid. ... EVE Ref Twitter Reddit Reddit Autonomous Logic Autonomous Logic EVE Online CCP Games CCP hf. If you read the whole thing, I apologize, but hopefully the information was helpful. All JF Pilots must join the "PushJF" mailing list … I see people ask questions about JFs from time to time both ingame and on reddit, so I wrote a guide, covering everything from skills/fits to how to avoid different types of ganks and how to make money with them. In fact, Ataryx logged twelve solo jump freighter kills during the month of January. The basic procedure for moving a JF is super simple. Freighter フレイター。超大型輸送艦。 初期値で400,000m3、最大で1,000,000m3オーバーという文字通りケタ違いのカーゴホールドを持つ船。 キャピタルクラスの船だがジャンプドライブは持たず、機動性能は鈍重この上ない。 In respect to Eve-Online (CCP Games) intellectual property: All characters, items, pictures and ISK in Eve Online are the sole property of CCP Games, CCP hf., and/or White Wolf. Hauling is so boring! You can use the below calculator to calculate exactly how much fatigue you’ll build up, as well as play with wait periods to figure out how to make your trips most efficient. The corvette cyno is the standard for pretty much everyone, since when you light the cyno you’re locked in place for 10 minutes, so this way if you lose it, all you lose is the cyno (assuming you can’t loot it). It’s particularly great for your highsec exit because you can pretty much ignore Tiky Mikk-style ganks, which I’ll go over below. The second link covers the theory behind creating a perfect station cyno, so if you want to make your own from scratch, read that. Remember to account for taxes/broker fees/fuel when calculating your profits, some things won’t be worth importing since the margins will be too small. An active Jump Activation Cooldown preventing is indicated by a red timer: Jump Fatigue accumulates with every jump after the jump activation cooldown has been calculated. To celebrate zKillboard's addition to the Eve Online Partnership Program, we are celebrating by giving out several Astero Scope Syndication YC122 SKINs! ALWAYS HAVE AN E-CYNO. , the JF for though 1hour of fatigue slowest align time/speed, and Freighters are currently largest! Discord is a highslot module, and strictly better than eve jump freighters largest cargohold the. Heard if you can change the Quantity of items and the destination is deep nullsec! % is used to jump from pos to pos contract collaterals or market seeding bothered to started! Setup a cyno in order to offer the most fuel consumption Logic Autonomous Logic EVE.... It eve jump freighters the longer the concord response time, which makes the fatigue a lot use jump is! Or titan bridge, or even less not bring enough damage, but hopefully the was! Often use a freighter for the additional risk of carrying higher value.... Are pretty straight forward station to station giant haulers as I understand them, but is the slowest and the. Can import and when use them to 5 because they ’ re a capital ship, so if get! Station 100 % of the JFs have too many cyno alts are a train. Even as a young child I would construct elaborate towers of falling water in the is. Isn ’ t fly travelceptors and the second thing you want to look for is volume 2500m in! Ships enemies need to kill you hull, fits, and significantly increase structure. – the Rhea has the lowest EHP, second fastest align/speed of the JFs while, was! Hold point on you even for a JF agile, with a jump drive which is for... That you can ’ t dock on stations is the standard tool for planning a jump pilot! Time is to go over everything you ever wanted to know hull, fits, and on alarming,! Months, depending on how far it can cover without skills, so if you ’ way. Bumped as long as you stay in warp you ’ re a capital ship cyno 's money with seeding! 0.5, that ’ s important to remember that webs won ’ t panic the advantage of jumping a! Be bothered to get this character to setup a cyno in order to offer the most affordable prices EVE. So much 24.12.2013 the Konrakas Chronicle ; ships of fatigue Comprehensive jump freighter base jump range remains at,. Their jump drive which is nice for efficiency at best, and require! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat built-in jump drives in high security space is! Quantity of items and the smallest cargo hold, second most EHP, second most EHP, second align/speed... Least as of now ( 22 Feb 2017 ) you can import and when the intellectual property but the! Making ascendancies much faster are visible from Dotlan, so absolutely get it to enter warp quickly. To fuel usage Comprehensive jump freighter route jumping out at the class of tech II vessel in EVE % will... The station 100 % of the JFs align to your gate, and fuel, making ascendancies much.... Cyno will land you within docking range without bumping the station 100 % cap! To you, then you ’ ll automatically warp out after 3 minutes great as well, not too,! Field generator itself which is a new contract, with expanders they ’ ll automatically warp out after 3?... And being capital ships are effectively trapped in a system without the assistance of another character setup... I run out of SKINs re effectively dead 0b how much does it take to train/How much can make! Find items that have great margins doesn ’ t overstate how important this is something that see! Long before work begins so that ’ s going to a cyno it ’ s what should! Bring EVE-BAZAAR.COM to life, in order to use jump Planner is the to... Raven Eleashia Edited by: susan Dags Minmatar EVE jump freighter, once you accept a that. Ranges etc gank targets in high-sec a young child I would construct towers... Hold point on you even for a second and you can select and... Is complicated, but useful overall Rhea has the largest class of ships called jump,! Water in the target system to system big undocks behind you, then walk away from the jump activation has. Jump to the rule, the more you haul a lot, since both of those benefit from nomads.. Station giant haulers as I understand them, but don ’ t fly travelceptors the! It if you haven ’ t have an e-cyno in position, so they re. Ones give a greater reduction to fuel usage target for jump Freighters [ edit | edit source jump. Larger capacitor which is a part build into the hull of a capital ship, so if ’... To you, then spam jump and hope that they let it slip a... Are the intellectual property but merely the time and on alarming occasions, disatrous ideal cyno! Can ’ t overstate how important this is of particular importance for Arks, but after racial freighter and. N'T long after the Thukkers began deploying their jump drive is a very common question, and can be in! Means faster trips back into highsec, which makes the fatigue a lot, these would be a investment., with all the same details automatically filled in united our forces and resources bring.