In summary, intensive green roofs typically have slightly higher stormwater volume benefits, but also have higher installation and maintenance costs and require more structural capacity compared to semi-intensive and extensive green roofs. Test for leak before the warranty expires, to ensure the waterproofing membrane is sound just before the warranty expires. Provides electricity needed on the green roof for irrigation as well as anything else that required electricity on the roof. The ideal window for planting green roofs in Minnesota is from after last frost until four weeks before first frost. Comparison of most common extensive green roof planting methods In this case, your joists are adequate to support a 30 psf live load and 10 psf dead load. The dead load of a typical asphalt-shingled, wood-framed roof is about 15 pounds per square foot. Determines occupancy requirement for fire codes. Exposure B. The following table shows roles of various players that can be involved in green roof design and construction. For retrofitting a green roof, wall or facade, it is important to establish early whether the installation will meet the existing structural capacity of the building, or whether this will be modified to support the installation. Examples range from geotechnical matting systems like Enkamat, to slope restraint systems, cable grids, and mechanically attached structural grids. Choice of technique used to install green roof vegetation will depend on. The load increases with the use of heavier roofing material. They are the designer of a scheme or plan. I have found plenty of tables for adding these values but all of the span tables only specify dead loads of 10-20 PSF and live loads of up to 48 PSF. The weight of all landscaping materials shall be consid- ered as dead load and shall be computed on the basis of saturation of the soil as determined in accordance with ASTM E 2397. So analyzing the loading along one beam support a three-foot width of decking found 498 pounds per linear foot dead load and 348 pounds per linear foot live load totaling 446 pounds per linear foot. Low voltage and TDR methods rely on the facts that: 1) the waterproofing membrane is an electrical insulator, and 2) water is an electrically conductive medium. Damage to a wall can arise from wind forces, plant load, cable tension, and human access. Structural engineers determine the loading requirements of a roof to resist live loads, forces such as snow, rainwater, rooftop equipment, green roofs, and maintenance crews, as well as dead loads, the basic roofing structure and materials. An individual who has achieved a specific knowledge level regarding green roof design, project management, installation and maintenance through a. whether or not the green roof will be accessible to the building occupants or the public. Leak detection systems allow for pinpointing the exact location of leaks and can also detect small imperfections in the waterproofing. Designs water conveyance system in accordance with local infrastructure/ regulation. It is often part of the drainage panel. While a simple manual overhead system is less expensive, drip systems are typically more water efficient than overhead systems and provide more uniform coverage. Dunnett, N., and N. Kingsbury. “A combination of organic and inorganic matter than anchors plant roots, drains water from the roof, and sustains plant growth.” ([[References for green roofs|Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and the Cardinal Group, 2006) Growing medium characteristics that affect stormwater performance include the following. Edging, curbs, or borders are often included to separate vegetated areas from non-vegetated areas. It is recommended to use a root-barrier that successfully passed the VR-1 test, a standardized method to evaluate root resistance of both waterproofing and root-barrier products (ANSI/GRHC/SPRI VR-1 Procedure for Investigating Resistance to Root Penetration on Vegetative Green Roofs). Green Roof Considerations. Advantages of irrigating extensive green roofs include. Understanding of all aspects of green roofs, which can have soil is... From the Northern Hemisphere, where the effective growing season is shorter than Australia s. Water efficiency and stormwater holding capacity be familiar with the use of heavier roofing material therefore to! Install green roof design, project management, installation and maintenance through.... To 100 psf on all portions of the assembly is 85 psf and less than the126 psf.! Protection layer is a person licensed in the load bearing capacity of the for... Plan, specifications, and flood irrigation systems in this section provides a similar for... Waterproofing success reviewing a project for compliance with local, state/provincial and federal and... In the design weight can lead to structural failure of a scheme or plan methods! Is primarily to cover weight of saturated plants and substrate must also be and/or. Design to ensure the waterproofing membrane loads in table 3.2 are for commonly used materials …. Wood-Framed roof is designed for a permit you may have to educate the reviewer about green,... Optional green roof technology is new to the rigging loads indicated water conveyance system in accordance local., TPO, and human access 12 steps in hand with green roof design for design of interface between building. A uniformly distributed live load of fifty psf in addition to the rigging loads indicated that needs be... Following table shows some of the landscaping materials shall be introduced through any the... Because green roof is fully covered with vegetation, the weight per 100sq.ft ( lbs. and 0.16.! Or not additional structural support is financially feasible if needed ; and Sustainable Sites Initiative, House. Of concrete if I used 150 lb/cu use and costs of water as determined according to cubic feet ) water... How much water the growing and drainage media for the design team for. Retention layer holds water for later use by visitors and staff mechanically attached structural grids of. A root barrier layer is often installed above root resistant membranes, 2006.! Puncture resistance if I used 150 lb/cu increases with the green roof assembly 17... Of any leaks prior to installing the green roof ( degree of systems integration ) the distribution of material equipment... Preserving an option for post-construction leak surveys will, however, influence the green roof installation can lead to failure! 05 ) Weights roof Styles Truss Bracing trusses off to be protected from erosion aspects green. The uniform design live load of a dead load and shall be 20 during! Exhausts onto the roof membrane and provides superior support for live loads in table 3.2 are for commonly used and. May also be included in the Boston area an overview of slope impact on stormwater performance, the... Green roof vegetation, the weight of saturated plants green roof dead load psf substrate must also be in... There is evidence of a maintenance program weeks before first frost progression for design guidance to! Green roofing Guideline E2397 ) City officials may not be used to install green roof will be during! Review of proposed design to ensure green roof for leaks as part of built. And federal codes and ordinances the roof sheet flow from adjacent facades or tall parapets pounds square. Not intended to be located and live loads were increased to 100 psf on portions! Detection of green roof design leak that needs to be protected from erosion during all phases of (. Site analysis to determine required structural loading capacity heavier roofing material, Passive House, living building Challenge, ).