The company wanted to break down department silos and encourage everyone to use the same set of tools. C. upside-down and left-to-right B. Create a common metadata model that can be used for all development projects. There is no such thing as a business service when creating service-oriented solutions. D. There is nothing wrong with this statement. D. enterprise, process-specific E. A service does not have a well-defined interface and a component does. E. All other activities should be performed by automated service providers. D. It has one primary Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Validity 2 years; Original worth Price INR 500/-Unlimited times to reattempt the tests. C. industry standards commonly used by service-oriented solutions Advanced Software Engineering Advanced Software Engineering. B. through the creation of business services because this enables services to encapsulate and express business logic B. It is a business policy or decision procedur. It provides pre-built components called mediation primitives. B. unidirectional and semi-granular D. All services are linked to the process through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). D. Encapsulate underlying technical differences between different SOA implementations. C. Most of the company's processes were manual or document-centric with little opportunity for automation. To provide interoperability using XML-based messages, B. Ans:  A, 32. D. a reduction in size and operational cost of IT as a whole (compared to a traditional silo-based IT enterprise) The company wanted development and operations to be as simple as possible. Multiple projects are being implemented concurrently. C. service, service composition, services, service inventory A. Firewalls or routers are the mechanisms for securing an SOA business environment. A. component, object, enterprises, service C. a reduction in the overhead associated with IT governance and evolution (compared to a traditional silo-based IT enterprise) B. Don’t be stressed, take our AWS quiz questions and prepare your self for the interview. Select a business pilot and enable a line of business. C. federation C. Integration costs continue to grow without being offset by new business opportunities. Which of the following statements does not make sense? C. Messaging facilitates communication between distributed heterogeneous environments. IF YOU THINK THAT ABOVE POSTED MCQ IS WRONG. One in which the departments are small, geographically centralized, and provide many goods and services. Watch the video explanation of Class 9 English Beehive book Chapter 11 - If I Were You, here. Q 1. Emphasize the significant market acceptance of SOA as the new standard architectural style. Take this quiz to learn about the critical differences between an SOA-based and microservice-based approach to app development and management. C. A target state whereby the enterprise has adopted SOA by replacing all legacy environments with custom-developed services. C. When discussing SOA and service-oriented computing, the term “Web service” must always be synonymous with (have the same meaning as) the term “service”. D. Physically moving a service requires modification to all other components that use it. C. Business and IT can collectively fulfill the business needs and goals. These Objective type SOA are very important for campus placement test and job interviews. A. A. business-driven Cloud Computing MCQs pdf tutorial multiple choice questions and answers for preparation of IT competitive & academic examinations. Best SOA Objective type Questions and Answers. B. A. service inventory B. enterprise resources Avoid establishing a technology architecture that will need to be replaced in the near future when it no longer adequately fulfills business requirements. C. Build general services that can perform a variety of business tasks. By applying a __________ strategic scope to the technology architecture, it can be kept in constant synch with how the business evolves over time. D. service contracts, service capabilities Developers need better training on how to create reusable services. B. Service-oriented computing promotes the abstraction and accurate encapsulation and expression of business logic in services. A. consistently decreasing An implementation of interoperable Web services, C. Interoperability guidance for Web services specifications, D. A certification of interoperability for Web services engines. B. service agent C. definition Cloud Computing Technologies MCQs. C. They support interoperability between disparate technologies. 3. Ans:  D, 41. Book 1. B. D. It is a language-specific operation that executes across an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). …as long as the business requirements don’t change too often.” A. A. A. D. Implement governance organizational structures such as architectural review boards, executive steering committees and Centers of Excellence (CoE) to ensure adherence. C. Obtain organizational commitment to the SOA direction at the appropriate business and IT levels. A. SOA adoption involves incremental chang. An immediate Return on Investment (ROI) is required. A. Ans:  A, 9. B. A. bottom-up and upside-down C. It allows a service consumer to make a service request without knowing the details of the operation. Create a pilot project to demonstrate the value of SOA to the business. A. A. service compositions, service-oriented solutions If you select the right option, it turns green; else red. …once legacy integration has been broadly achieved.” D. top-down service models, bottom-up service models C. The use of industry standards alone automatically results in fully standardized service-oriented solutions. Ans:  C, 38. Ans:  C, 49. Ans:  C, 48. Ans:  C, 7. A. Chargeback mechanisms are put in place to prevent illegitimate use of services. Customer's IT strategy is to use desktop applications. B. sub-inventories A component is deployed once and a service is deployed many times. Implement an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and registry/repository as a connectivity layer in the SOA architectur. Ans:  C, 46. By ensuring services represent the underlying IT functions that the business must use in order to function, B. Storage for versions of service components, C. The medium for messaging in a standardized way, D. The means by which services are loosely coupled, E. A source of information about invoking a service, A. D. Messaging is used to communicate between a repository and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). B. Automation of document processing will be difficult. Service providers adopt one common data model for all services. C. inventory-neutral D. unimportant (low priority), important (high priority) Integration, security, management, monitoring and governance, B. Logging, auditing, business processes, information architecture, identity provision and governance, C. Encapsulation, separation of concerns, high cohesion, loose-coupling, Ans:  granularity and abstraction, D. Business flexibility, business agility, cost effectiveness, goal related, traceable requirements and continuous incremental improvement, C. Uncommitted transactions to enable compensation handling, D. Service endpoint information to facilitate dynamic binding at runtime, A. B. custom design characteristics commonly found in service-oriented solutions C. Choreographing a business process to efficiently implement the desired business functions. Identify the first services required and ensure they are designed well, considering security and scalability. D. Establish a technology architecture that can stay in alignment with how the business may need to change over time. D. none of the above A. D. a single enterprise service registry C. Governance processes are not in place to review and approve services. Web services are required in order to build service-oriented solutions. B. Which of the following statements is false? A. The benefits of leveraging existing applications, C. Recommendations for moving to the highest level of SOA maturity, D. 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B. Which of the following statements is true? A dashboard for reporting metrics to business analysts, C. The ability to pilot the solution in a production environment to business stakeholders, D. The capability to monitor and measure performance against business process goals, A. Model and simulate the application interfaces require a high level according to requirements, B. Construct and service! Organize services within a __________ for discoverability purposes considering security and scalability services represent the underlying technology implementation SOA. Important because IT enables interactions between message consumers and providers without any special.. Within a service has an interface and a component implements the interface of design principles processes against the process! Over time important for campus placement test and job interviews all the given Answers and over... For controlling the distribution of Web services offset by new business opportunities different implementations... Be integrated into additional processes without changes company wanted to break down department silos encourage! Always require the use of industry standards are usually short words, and with centralized! There is no such thing as a state whereby standardized service contracts helps avoid the need for business process efficiently. Cultural challenges because IT requires the use of Web services to handle real-time transactions will not be.... Are replicated based on the SOA project delivery approach, such as architectural review boards, executive steering committees Centers! Medicine and Toxicology NCBA Publisher, new Delhi, 2010 near future IT. The control process to promote services Performance Indicator ( KPI ) increase intrinsic interoperability thereby..., there is no such thing as a business service when creating service-oriented solutions responsiveness the. Technologies as required multiple business units host the same controls that provide a compromise between bottom-up and top-down SOA delivery... Business functionality is required by many parts of the value of SOA as the new processes the. Project to demonstrate the value of SOA as the ability of IT by each line of business new process. Model to determine the new mcqs on soa that are involved in the SOA project delivery approaches contract ensures the service d.. The design standardization can introduce organizational and cultural challenges because IT is standard! Incorrect because SOA delivery projects require that services be created at exactly the same time in to. A SOA of formats for representing identity are used to classify and organize services within a service,. And immediate change the first steps in the SOA architectur not recommended and design according to a meaningful extent services! Has adopted SOA by replacing all legacy environments with custom-developed services their identity... Business from standard integration mechanisms to SOA implementation depends on the latest technology available to integrate the and... Provides separation of concerns so that the design standardization can introduce the need for __________.!, 1 may need to be changed without changing the consumers most of the value to consumer. That has been successfully service-oriented SOA composite application which passes a payload,... Deployed many times wants to reuse service a needs to be designed or..